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We are engaged in the development of radically new algorithms that are able to infer molecular properties based on their atomic structure. We foresee that AI based new technologies will be able to overcome the current restrictions in the development of innovative drugs. This will pave the road to currently unknown treatments of rare diseases and wide spread health issues in developing regions of the world.

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Image by Isaac Chou


Natural language processing is an extremely difficult task. With the latest developments in this field, we are closer than ever in teaching a computer to actually understand human communication. At we incorporate this to engineer search engines which are able to trawl vast amounts of documents and automatically infer knowledge graphs, key phrases and semantic relationships and more. Furthermore, we are deeply involved in the development of computer systems which understand and generate spoken human language.

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Image by Matt Noble


Computer vision is where the recent AI race all began and it is still its most important area. We at have a broad knowledge of all types of image processing from object localization, semantic segmentation and image alteration.

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